Beaming the searchlight on review Website Screenshot is an online pharmacy that is registered under Pharmacy Mall. Although the site is very popular, the fact that it offers drugs without prescription makes its services a little questionable. They also claim on their site that they offer the best price packages on the internet. What was discovered about the company has been outlined right below.

It is stated on their website that the company has been in operation since 1997. Really, it is not possible for a company to operate for over 20 years with poor products or services. So, if was established in 1997 indeed, it means they may be a reliable online pharmacy. They offer drugs for erectile dysfunction and other medical conditions and they seem to be based outside Canada.

They offer competitive Prices

If the prices on their website are real, then they really offer competitive prices as they claim. A price as low as $0.27 for a pop of generic Viagra is a fantastic deal. Even Cialis goes for just $0.68. These prices are too attractive. On the other hand, it is one of the reasons, the online pharmacy was scrutinized.

How to take popular ED pills

Their products are FDA-approved

To promote their products more, they made it clear that there pills are not only approved by FDA but they are also certified by Pharmacy Checker, MIPA, and CIPA. However, at this point, you must still bear in mind that their claims have not been confirmed. Here are other things that have been discovered about

Payment modes and shipping options

You can pay either via MasterCard or through VISA Card. According to them, shipping is done immediately payment is confirmed. However, shipment may be delayed until the order is completely processed. Their two shipping service providers are EMS Courier Delivery and Airmail Delivery Service. Airmail Delivery Service delivers orders within 2 to 3 weeks depending on the location of the buyer. On the other hand, EMS Courier Delivery delivers packages within 3 to 8 business days. This is why they offer different charges. The latter charges $19.95 while the former charges only $9.95.

How to reach their customer service agents

One big drawback is that does not offer live chat support. However, you can still reach their customer service agents by filling an online contact form. In the alternative, you can also call their toll-free line to make enquiry or log a query.

Their refund policy

According to the information that was gathered about, the only reason to get a refund is when you receive either a damaged order or a wrong order. Anything other than that, you won’t get any refund. So, if you don’t like the drug, there is nothing you can do about it. For customers whose orders were damaged or customers that received wrong orders, they can also opt for re-shipment of another drug if they so wish.

At this point, it is necessary to clarify what is meant by wrong order. What they mean by wrong order is when you order drug A and get drug B. Mistakenly ordering a wrong drug cannot be accepted as a wrong order. So, you should be sure about what you are ordering.

Important reviews on

According to a buyer named Samuel who is based in France, their shipping is fast and you will be given daily update on the progress of your order. Samuel testified that he has been patronizing them for several years.

Sarah, a Spain-based customer testified that their service is courteous and she also mentioned something about speedy delivery. This corroborates what Samuel said about their speed of delivery. In addition, Piter, in Italy is very pleased with their customer service and quick shipment. He is certain that he will patronize them again pretty soon.

Apart from the comments mentioned above, there are other positive reviews on their website. However, the fact that the reviews are on their site weakens the credibility of the reviews. It is possible that they may have been doctored. This is a common gimmick among online stores. They try to impress potential customers with doctored reviews. Apart from that, some of them offer discount to customers who leave positive comments. So, this set of reviews is still a fifty-fifty. They could be honest opinions and they could be fictitious comments.

Unfortunately, Scam Adviser does not have feedback for the site yet. So, Scam Adviser believes the website is new. However, if it is new, how could the online pharmacy have been in operation since 1997 as claimed on their website? May be there was a change of name at some point.

In addition, it is believed that the online pharmacy is hiding its real location., another scam busting website gave low ratings. However, Google has not blown any whistle on them. In addition to their already attractive prices, there is free shipping for orders worth more than $200. Here is the real game changer; you get a free pill package for every single order!


While all their positive claims have not been confirmed, they also do not have any single negative review since 1997. So, they seem to be a reliable online pharmacy to patronize. Besides, they are entitled to the benefits of the doubts.

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