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I’ve ordered several medications from different online pharmacies and so far my best experience has been with

When I made the order it was coming from India and I live in Canada – it arrived in about a week and a half so I was definitely satisfied with the prompt delivery.

The generic that I received feels equal to the name brand product that I would buy from my local pharmacy. I did have a few questions to ask before I placed the order and these were answered quickly through email. The answers were helpful, thorough and answered my question. I would give the website a 5/5 star rating and i’ll definatly be doing more orders with them in the future.

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  1. hi i have a few questions plz let me know were your meds narcotics such as percocet, oxycodone,hydrocodone,qoxycontin,xanax,..?

    and if so did you have any problems with CUSTOMS or the D.E.A?

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