Bush: Stop Illegal Online Drug Sales

President George Bush is asking Congress to work with his administration to end illegal sales of highly addictive prescription drugs on the Internet, to stem a rising number of people dying of overdoses. (March 1)

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  1. At this point in your disastrous presidency you should just shut up and blow away back to Texas.

  2. So the war on the internet has begun. Call it “stopping drug sales on the internet.” Really, the government is asking itself, “How do we confirm the identity of each individual online so that we may track their identities.”

  3. we gant win the war on drugs and we have seen what happens when you sterenghten the cops too much thenj they stary beating people down and getting away with it
    george bush sucks
    barrac obama rules!!!

  4. Hahahaha… I wonder why so many people are taking drugs in the first place? ing idiot, I hope from the bottom of my heart, that he dies a terrible death. Hopefully, it’ll be slow and unbelievably painful. Please, I only ask for this one wish :p

  5. When will this goverment learn the war on drugs is not winable. Look at alchool. It is much harder for young kids to get then illegal drugs. Why because its regulated. Also how much do we spend on this war on drugs and how much do we lose by not getting taxs off them. Heroin meth crack coke all that crap is bad but its always gonna be here. just as probation had failed so has this. Big business has a much better shot at destorying illegal drugs then our goverment does.

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