Is it legal to buy prescription drugs online without having a prescription?

I read somewhere that you can import to 3 months of prescription medication without having a prescription from a doctor. Is this true? Would I be breaking any laws by doing this? How would I go about find a reputable company to buy medication from?

this is the link I was given to research this subject, it is the actual document from the USA’s FDA for US Customs.

It seems pretty clear to me that a 90 day supply of non-narcotics should be OK.

Based on this I have been buying from for a while now and I have not had any trouble buying or receiving my packages.

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  1. I Don’t Know But i dont think that it would be a very good idea but if you know what i mean as long as you need them and u no that u need them or just buy them from a shop or something
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  2. No man. This is the US all those scripts are from elsewhere. Its against the law.

  3. this is not legal and those websites are scams. They just take your money and there is nothing you can do because you were trying to buy illegal prescription medicine online.

  4. No, and it’d be a federal pen.

    Yes, scam web-sites most often sell placebos.

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