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Hi Im Paul I live in the Netherlands and this is my review for Canadian Drug Delivery. I think its a nice website, I ordered some medication a while ago and I like the way you can see all the different products from the different pharmacies. I like the fact that they are all licensed pharmacies so that you really know that the medication is real and you can trust what you are taking; furthermore the prices are really affordable, one of the cheapest ways from ordering medications from the internet. Also there was a problem with my order because 1 item didnt arrive but I contacted customer services and they sent me a new one so it wasnt a hassle at all it took some extra time naturally but I got a new item and I was very pleased so overall I would say Canadian Drug Delivery is a nice way of ordering medications through the internet because the prices, the licenses and the way the website works, its nice that you can search on the medication. Well thats about it, bye bye.

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