Online Prescription Drugs: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Prescription drugs are now the drug of choice for abusers and addicts looking for a quick, easy, and legal way to get high. The easiest way to look for these kinds of drugs? The Internet. This allows those interested in abusing prescription drugs to order what they want without their doctor or guardian knowing.

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  2. people dont take drugs to overdose you ! why do you keep saying that ? you obviously know nothing about drugs or users!

  3. “trying to get high”

    Why have we got this obsession in this ing country with NOT getting high. We feel guilty for doing anything that makes us feel good.

    Sex, drugs, spending money, eating food. If it makes you feel good, do it in moderation and at least feel a little bit guilty for it.

    Fuck that . I want to get high because I like it, if the state has a problem with that, guess whose problem it is – not ing mine.

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