Rx-247.com: Warning! Russian High Risk Pharmacy

Rx-247.com is an online site that claims to sell human drugs and deliver them at your doorstep after you make your order. Their site looks simple yet appealing, having a clean design that’s typical for online stores. However, there are countless sites that deal with the online sale of drugs that have turned out to be fake. These either try to con users by selling diluted or fake medication, they can steal personal banking information, or they can go as far as to steal money. For this reason, we have decided to look at the inner workings of the website and prove whether it is a scam or a legitimate business.


Domain Info

The domain was registered by the Registrar Gransy, s.r.o. on 2019-01-09 and expires on 2020-01-09. It was updated on 2019-01-09. This domain is 7 months old and has a lifespan of only one year only. This is the typical operating method for most scam sites. They have short expiration dates in order to make it easier for their owners to dispose of them. Furthermore, the short lifespan makes it close to impossible to get the licensing required to sell pharmaceutical drugs. Our advice is to avoid this pharmacy.

Business Profile

business is seven months old and the
physical address of the company owning the website is located in
The company claims to specialize in the sale of pharmaceutical drugs,
however, this cannot be reliably verified.

Regulatory Approvals

This site has been analyzed by LegitScript and is considered to be a rogue pharmacy. This makes clear that you should not purchase anything from this pharmacy. Generally speaking, rogue pharmacies are closer to illegal, under-the-counter drug stores than to real, law-abiding businesses. They do not adhere to the governmental standards, rules, and regulations regarding the sale of drugs for human consumption, that all pharmaceutical companies must obey. Furthermore, they could be involved in fraudulent or conman activities which could risk or jeopardize your financial information and even your life. These websites can sell your private information, they can take your money and never actually send you the products, or they can sell you rebranded or expired products. Be extra careful when dealing with such a website.

Products and Pricing

online pharmacy sells a wide variety of drugs that treat
different kinds of diseases.
Among these are:

  •  Cholesterol-lowering
    drugs and depression drugs
  •  Gastrointestinal
    and diabetes drugs
  •  Hair
    loss, heart disease, and muscle relaxants
  •  Lifestyle
    drugs for the cessation of smoking and alcohol consumption

also deal with herbal drugs which are not as thoroughly regulated;
however, they can still pose major health risks if not purchased from
licensed or trusted vendors. All the drugs have a product description
tag displayed before you make a purchase, offering valuable
information regarding what you will be buying. While this is a
positive element in the website’s structure, there is no age
restriction imposed on who can buy the pharmaceutical drugs. The
website appears to work on a need-to-know basis, only offering and
requesting information that can secure the purchase of their

ill patients and children can easily go online and make purchases
without any kind of verification. It has
no restrictions on who should buy and
who should not, no sign-ups, no email confirmation, etc. This
practice is not only illegal but also extremely dangerous. While
their pricing is relatively cheaper as compared to real-world
pharmacies, this could be an indicator of the fact that they are
offering sub-standard drugs in order to attract customers.

Payment and Shipping

website accepts payment through:

  • American
  • MasterCard
    and Visa
  • E-check
  • Bitcoin
    and PayPal

online pharmacy has two ways of shipping for their drugs. Once an
order is placed, the customer can choose which of the two he or she
would prefer. These are
EMS shipping and the Registered Airmail,
each having advantages and disadvantages. For the EMS shipping, the
estimated delivery time is usually five to seven business days while
for the registered airmail, the estimated period is between three to
four weeks. That’s normally a month for the latter. Also, the
former is usually cheaper than the latter. All products from this
site are dispatched within 48 hours after the order is received,
however, it is important to note that they do not work on weekends or
legal holidays.


The site is not registered with TrustPilot which shows the eligibility reviews of a site from the buyer perspective. When a company registers with TrustPilot, potential customers can see the real reviews from buyers since testimonials on this page cannot be tailored to fit the seller’s view. This can show that they are either not legitimate or that they are hiding something that could impact their reputation. Testimonials that are present on the seller’s page are usually not a good indicator of the quality of its products and services because the company has full control over what is being written and in what manner.


finally end the review, this site doesn’t even deserve a rating but
since we have to rate it in a range of 1-5, we shall give it a
1-star rating.
This is due to the fact that the website does not offer any kind of
reliable proof that it is being regulated by the government, nor does
it have the safety filters that are normally meant to stop children
from gaining access to potentially harmful substances. This is one of
the biggest scams and you should avoid purchasing from this site.

Pharmacy Ranking

Our team has made a list of the best pharmacies which were reviewed by our specialists and chosen to be trusted in regard to elements such as provided location and physical address, fast delivery, good customer feedback, appropriate pricing and having proper registration to conduct the business of selling pharmaceutical products online. Look at this list and find the services that suit you best.

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