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Going by what is on their website, could probably pass for the best online pharmacy in the world. Before delving into details, it is important for you to understand that is the same as Men’s Health Pharmacy. If you type in the URL, it will take you to the website of Men’s Health Pharmacy. So, you should know that they are the same drug store.

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They are majorly into erectile dysfunction drugs and sexual performance enhancing drugs. According to what is on their website, they have sold drugs to over 700,000 customers from all over the globe. To avoid running out of stock, they have 80 percent refill levels.


Are their drugs safe?

The next logical question is to ask if their drugs are safe. The simple and honest answer is yes. Their drugs are not only made from high quality ingredients, they are also sourced from FDA approved drug manufacturers. It is needless to remind you that FDA subjects drug manufacturers to strict quality control tests before approval. The drugs are manufactured in strict adherence to World Health Organization (WHO) international drug manufacturing guidelines.

What are the prices of their drugs?

Now that you have confirmed the safety of their drugs, what comes to mind next is price competitiveness. Their prices are not only low, they are the lowest prices for generic drugs on the internet. In fact, there is a guarantee that when you find out a lower price within 30 days after purchasing a drug from them, you will get 150 percent of the difference between their price and the lower price.

For example, if you purchase a drug from them at the rate of $10 and find it being sold at $9 elsewhere within 30 days after purchasing the drug, when you contact them, you will get a price rebate of $1.5 (150 percent of the difference). Isn’t that amazing?

Here are the prices of their best selling drugs

  • Pro Vigra (Generic Viagra) – $0.88 per pill
  • Max Vigra (Generic Viagra) – $0.88 per pill
  • Procalis (Generic Cialis) – $0.91 per pill
  • Trial Packs – $1.04 per pill

Reviews on (Men’s Health Pharmacy)

Here are some wonderful reviews of their services. Brian from USA says he is happy about the effectiveness of their pills and so is his girlfriend. Gunter, another customer from Germany is happy to be enjoying the best sexual pleasures in his 23-year marriage. Thanks to the drugs he ordered from Trusted all over the world. In addition, he is also happy with their customer service and timely delivery. This particular customer will definitely continue to order his drugs from the online pharmacy.

According to Sam from London, he was up for one straight hour after taking the drug he purchased from the pharmacy and that is the longest he has done in a very long time. In addition, he didn’t encounter any side effects. It is obvious that he is definitely happy with the online pharmacy.

Chris from Texas has found a cheaper and more effective alternative to Viagra among their drugs and he is happy about it. Finally, Glen from Belfast was initially skeptical about their drugs. However, he is happy that he eventually bought it because he noticed a big difference in his sexual performance. And he also appreciates the timely delivery.

How to reach them Phone Numbers

You can reach them through live chat and through their toll-free number and if the issue is not urgent, you can shoot them a mail.

Payment and delivery

They accept VISA card, MasterCard, and eCheck. They ship products to locations worldwide and it includes Australia, UK, Japan, Canada… etc. They usually ship out orders within 24 hours after payment is confirmed. They have three shipping partners; FEDEX, DHL, and Airmail. FEDEX delivers orders within 2 to 3 days. DHL delivers in 3 to 6 days while Airmail will deliver your order within 10 to 21 days. It might also interest you that the content of any package is usually not written on the pack so your order will be delivered discretely.

Shipping Methods

Since they have numerous dispatch centers scattered all over the world, your order will be shipped from the center closest to your location. This is how they are able to deliver orders faster than most online pharmacies. In addition, they now track all orders so you can call them for the status of your order at any time.

Return policy

They offer the best return policy. If their drug proves to be ineffective for you, you only need to return the remaining within 60 days and you will get 100 percent refund. You don’t even have to answer any question. This is their own way of displaying the level of confidence they have in their drugs. They are quite certain that it is not likely for anyone to find their drugs ineffective. If you are not satisfied with their drugs, just call their toll-free number – 1(800)203-1070 and you will be given necessary instructions and guides on how to return the drug and get your refund.

Any coupon code or discount

Bonus Pills and Discount

They are not offering any coupon code at this time. However, they current offer 50 percent additional free pills for every order and both DHL and Airmail offer free shipping. Since the promotion is tagged “May Special”, it may end at the end of the month.


Considering all the offers outlined above, seems to be one of them best online pharmacies to buy your drugs from. Going by all their claims, they certainly deserve a 5-star rating.

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