An Overview of Top 5 Renowned Online Canadian Pharmacies

Today, you don’t have to leave home or visit your nearby infirmary to get a prescription. Most of the online pharmacies are now offering free consultation services and prescriptions to buyers conveniently. Additionally, you can avoid paying the extra dollars charged by pharmacy cash shops simply by shopping from the Canadian pharmacies.

As compared to over-the-counter pharmacies, online apothecaries offer a wide category of medications at a cheaper price. As a buyer, you enjoy the privilege of selecting tablets from a variety of websites and categories at the comfort of your home. Most of the top-performing Canadian pharmacies include;


Canadian Family Pharmacy

This store is renowned for providing exceptional and outstanding services to customers. The reserve offers a comprehensive report regarding online pharmacies, lifestyles, and diseases. Canadian Family store saves you the hassle of accessing information and pricing of generic and branded prescriptions by offering comparisons of top-ranked online drugstores.

The exceptional shopping experience is what makes online buyers to keep visiting this store. Apart from offering a wide variety of medications, the store is renowned and has gained popularity for selling high-quality erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment pills.

Most customers prefer purchasing brand Cialis pills, Viagra blue tablets, and Levitra medication which is offered at unbeatable prices. The site is updated more often to keep shoppers posted with the latest rates of drugs. Other top-selling remedies on this site include Zetia, Lamictal, Propecia, Lupitol, and Advair.


  • Guaranteed delivery and shipping
  • Exceptional level of confidentiality
  • The safe and secure payment process
  • Automated refills with guaranteed discounts and coupons
  • 24/7 online support staff


  • The pharmacy doesn’t play the role of a reseller
  • Free shipping only available for purchases worth $150 and above
  • No guaranteed refund policy


Canadian Family Pharmacy aims at offering potential buyers with a world-class shopping encounter. The reservoir prioritizes on offering users with valuable information regarding drugs and recommendations. Customers love purchasing tablets from this site to enjoy amazing discounts, the unbeatable rates, and the 24/7 online support service which is out of this world. The pharmacy is licensed by Health Canada and approved by the FDA to sell pills globally. is one of the most top-selling online med stores that sell affordable and high-quality prescriptions. The pharmacy was launched in 2013 with the primary aim of providing online buyers with high-standard medications without having to overpay.

Unlike pharmacy cash shops and other online shops, this store sells products from well-established walk-in stores licensed med stores and international refill centers which are well-known to clients. For the last 15 years, the reservoir has been helping online buyers acquire high-quality pills at unbeatable prices and save up to 90% on ED medications.

To meet customers needs and demands, the shop offers well-documented price comparison tables and the list of drugs available. This helps buyers to save on time by choosing preferred capsules from a wide assortment of medications. The price of medicines is regularly updated to keep customers on the right track.

Customers reviews always tell more about a product or business. The apothecary has positive customer feedbacks directly posted by legit shoppers. This store has managed to uphold a high level of confidentiality, where customers data is kept discrete and protected from third parties. Besides, who would like to buy pills from a store that relays information to third parties? Perhaps this is a contributing factor that has led to the success of the drugstore other than commendable customer service and enticing prices.


  • 100% guaranteed shipping
  • Wide variety of pills to choose from
  • 24/7 customer service that helps buyers place orders
  • 100% safe and original pills
  • Amazing discounts and coupon codes


  • The drugstore prefer cheque payment options as compared to credit cards
  • The delivery process can delay up to 14 days hence not suitable for next day delivery buyers

Verdict has a wide selection of products to choose from. The site also offers an alternative medicine that costs much less than the branded medicine. For instance, you can order Tadalafil instead of Cialis at a fraction of the initial cost. You should consider buying from this store as it’s 100% legit. Pills available on this website include Viagra, Abilify, Allegra, Diovan, and Plavix.

My Canadian Pharmacy

What makes you keep visiting an online repository for refills? Well, other than a shopping experience, which other criteria do you use to define your favorite online shop? Based in Ontario, My Canadian Pharmacy is a top-performing pharmacy that has been in the market for more than a decade.

Whether you seek to buy eye care medicine or impotence treatment tablets, the pharmacy got you covered. Buyers are assured of the ultimate quality as the drugstore is approved by Health Canada and FDA to sell pills globally. Once purchased, your package is shipped from renowned shipping stores hence the convenience and exception guaranteed delivery.

As compared to other agencies, gives shoppers the opportunity to read legit reviews from other purchasers. This will help you make the right decision as you proceed to order prescriptions from this online store.


  • Free and fast delivery
  • Offers both generic and brand prescriptions at affordable price
  • User-friendly and easy to navigate website
  • Guaranteed security standards to protect clients from fraudulent activities
  • The exceptional quality of tablets


  • Customer service only available during the official business hours
  • To place your order, you’ll have to enter a doctor’s prescription

Verdict upholds a high level of security standards to protect and safeguard buyers confidential information. Without a prescription from a doctor, you can’t order from this site. However, the price of pills at the store is enticing and encouraging thus you should consider getting a prescription to enjoy the lowest prices of Advair, Cialis, Levitra, and Crestor pills. Customers love shopping from this site because of the legitimacy of products, secure payment options, and guaranteed shipping.

Jan Drugs

With a valid registration from the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba, Jan Drugs is an online med site that offers amazing shopping experience to buyers globally. The repository is recommended for users who seek pharmacist’s or doctor’s recommendations before they place an order. This repository is also regulated by CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association).

Jan Drugs prioritizes on selling high-quality remedies at the lowest rates in the markets. Whenever you buy tablets from this site, you should consider your health problem a foregone ordeal. End-users are guaranteed 50% savings whenever they place their orders with this site.

Convenience and service delivery is an area to focus on when buying medication online. This drugstore has well-trained and qualified pharmacists who help you find the best medication for your health condition. Additionally, the pharmaceutists also offer free consultation services to potential end-users.


  • Offers both brand and generic pills at affordable costs
  • More than 50% guaranteed savings
  • High level of security standards put in place
  • Secure and safe payment options
  • Fast delivery of up to 10 days for international users


  • To place an order, users are requested to send their prescriptions via mail or fax. Resultantly, this takes some time before the purchase is completed


Jan Drugs has an ID theft protection policy that protects users from malicious hackers. This pharmacy has a committed 24/7 customer service support staff who respond to your questions and helps you place your first order. Besides ED treatment medication, customers also buy Lipitor, Plavix, Nexium, and Wellbutrin.

Maple Leaf Meds

Whether you’re an international or local user, the prices of remedies on the Maple Leaf Meds online chemistries are always affordable. Other than being regulated by the Canadian Government, this store has a wide assortment of products that cost relatively low as compared to other agencies.

This repository gives shoppers an opportunity to save up to 70% of the cash you always spend on buying capsules online. Consequently, Maple Leaf Meds comes with great features that allow you to compare the price of products conveniently. This way, you can tell how much you can save for medications before you even make a purchase.


  • User-friendly interface and easy-to-navigate website
  • Considerate prices on products
  • Confidentiality is upheld to the highest order
  • 100% guaranteed quality of products
  • Fast and secure shipping guaranteed


  • The shop only accepts American Express as the payment option. Therefore, you cannot use MasterCard or Visa on this website to make your purchase.


Maple Leaf Meds offer exceptional products at a low price that helps you save up to 70%. This reservoir is renowned for selling high-quality Propecia, Actos, Lipitor, Viagra, and Januvia medications. If you’re looking forward to saving on your financial health and get access to quality medication at the same time, this is the online pharmacy to consider.


Despite cybersecurity setbacks hindering buyers from using online med repositories, the number of users placing reservations via online drugstores has been on the rise. Websites and drugstores have updated their policies to protect end-users data. With a wide assortment of stores to choose from, you can now confidently save for your financial health by shopping with the med stores offering enticing discounts and prices. The above summary will help you get started on the best Canadian pharmacies to consider.

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