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Blink Health is an online med store that sells Rx products at the lowest price in the markets. Founded by Geoffrey and Matthew Chaiken, the store offers generic prescriptions at unbeatable prices as compared to pharmacy cash prices and other renowned online stores. Whether you’re insured or uninsured, the store serves you at the best interests with more than 10,000 medications in store awaiting your order.

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The pharmacy offers top-notch medication at the most unbeatable prices. Despite offering both generic and branded medications, most consumers go for generic prescriptions, citing affordability reasons. Buying medication from your nearby pharmacy can be hectic and time-consuming. To get your medication, you’ll have to wait till your prescription is presented to your nearby pharmacy by a doctor, which can take longer than expected.

Well, saves you the struggle by giving you the opportunity to order for your medication at the comfort of your sofa bed whilst watching your favourite program. To add on that, the store goes ahead and makes sure your package is delivered at your home in real-time.


Why Blink Drugstore?

Imagine how long it can take to purchase medication from an over-the-counter pharmacy using your insurance card? The process can be time-consuming and boring at the same time, as it involves a number of departments. This is where the online store comes in. To save you both time and cash, the store has a user-friendly website, where you’re needed to open an account and order for your package. To make the process easier, you should consult your doctor and ask for the generic version of the medication you seek.

The store is licensed and approved by the Foods and Drug Administration (FDA) to sell both branded and generic pills online. How does it feel visiting a website ready to purchase medication, then find out the pills you seek to buy are out of stock? That can be a bit embarrassing. Here, the store is revamped with more than 10,000 medications to ensure potential clients get the tablets they prefer, whenever they like it.

Recently, MedicineNet released a study on the 10 most purchased prescriptions online. It turns out that Vicodin, a high-quality pain reliever was amongst the list. To check on service delivery, the researchers decided to see whether the medicine was available on Blink pharmacy. Luckily, the drug was found on the website, ready for purchase at the most considerate price in the market.

Before you make a purchase, the website asks you to recheck the facts and confirm you got the right drug. For instance, Vicodin is classified into two: ES and HP. Although pharmacists’ advice buyers to go for HP as it is more potent as compared to the ES type, it’s advisable to consult your doctor the right type that fits your condition.

How the site works

Due to increased fraudulent activities evidenced online, it’s always advisable to countercheck on the legitimacy of a site before you make a purchase of the prescribed pills. The first step is to check whether the prescribed drug is available on the site. Luckily, your search will render positive results as the site is connected to more than 20,000 pharmacies globally.

Once you identify the prescribed medicine, you’ll be redirected to another page where you check on the pick-up costs and delivery options. You’ll also find additional information regarding the prescribed medication such as indications, interactions, dosage, precautions, and side effects.

When making an order, you’ll be asked to select the pharmacy you opted to work with and the preferred price. will also ask you to key in your username, gender, and birthday. Consult your doctor and ask for a prescription before you start placing an order.

Other important information to key in includes your payment information and your phone number. Most customers fear they’ll become vulnerable to hackers whenever they fill in confidential credentials on websites. Luckily, this site is secured and has a certification that keeps your information discrete.

Within a span of a few minutes, the drugstore will send you a –purchase- confirmation which you’ll present to your selected pharmacy and get your drugs. However, you can opt to send the digital confirmation to your pharmacy and request for delivery.

Recently, the drugstore stated that an end-user can transfer the prescription from one eligible pharmacy to the other. However, this service only applies to buyers with the mobile app.

Pricing information

Have you ever wondered why medications sold by are a bit cheap and affordable as compared to other online pharmacies and agencies? Well, the store negotiates the price with involved pharmacies on behalf of buyers. Unlike other agencies who venture in the use of middlemen to do the negotiations for them, this store sends in the best negotiators who get the discount programs in return.

The negotiation process involves a number of agencies for it to be successful. Health insurance firms, drug manufacturers, prescription programs, and pharmacies are the common departments that make the pricing procedure a success. In the long run, the price of drugs, bonuses, and discounts are determined.

You can also decide to get your medication directly from the pharmacy. This way, you’re entitled to pay the medicine’s cash price. However, this applies to buyers without insurance covers. Recently, an end-user posted a video on YouTube expounding on why buying pills online is much cheaper as compared to over-the-counter pharmacies. In the video, the user implied that she was charged $400 to buy nine tablets for her migraine condition (without insurance). With this online store, the cost would’ve been much less.

Payment options

The store accepts payments from debit, HAS, FSA, and credit cards. This includes but not limited to MasterCard, Visa, and the American Express.

Customer Reviews

To understand how a med store works, the review section is the place to visit. In the section, you come across testimonials and customer feedbacks that best describes the involved business. Blink Health is rated positively by more than 2000 clients who left laughing cheek to cheek after enjoying a world-class shopping experience.

Blink Health RX App

The Medstore app is ranked as a legit store with most of the users implying in the comments section how the store has helped them save on time and dollars. The store is also marked as legit by Reddit, where the reviewers imply how helpful this online store has been to most users. Consequently, users are encouraged to pay for the subscriptions in time to avoid delayed pick up process and unnecessary delivery delays that can be avoided.

Simply put, most Redditors implies that the price they pay for generic medications when using the online store is relatively cheaper as to when they use their insurance co-pays.

How Blink’s pricing fair compared to other online stores and pharmacies

Consequently, there are other generic-drug discount programs in the market other than Below is a report that analyzes and compares the pricing of this online store, pharmacy’s cash prize, and FamilyWize, courtesy of GoodRX website.

Vicodin is priced at $29.11 by FamilyWize, $39.19 by this store, and $37 by Pharmacy cash price

Prinivil is priced at $4 by FamilyWize, $4.53 by Blink, and free by Publix

Hydrochlorothiazide is priced at $3.94 by this store, $4.00 by FamilyWize, and $4.00 by Walmart

Simvastatin is priced at $4.91 by Blink, $4.00 by FamilyWize, and $7.50 by Publix

According to the research, it’s noted that some online stores such as FamilyWize also displays enticing prizes. Well, the sole purpose of conducting this research was to help buyers learn how to mainstream the prices and select the best deals in the market.

With websites such as GoodRX, clients can choose their generic prescriptions from a wide variety of options. However, this online store remains by far the most convenient online store to buy drugs from as it covers a wide category of medication as compared to other agencies. Consequently, you should also keep checking on the pharmacy’s cash price as some of the prescriptions are awarded to buyers’ free of charge.

Hint: Blink health Medstore deliver your package in a short time, without adding extra charges on your bill.

Bottom Line

Based in the United States, Blink health is one of the top-performing online drugstores that works to link potential buyers and pharmacies. Since its establishment, this store has been selling high-quality (FDA-verified) generic medications to consumers globally. Whether you seek to purchase Amoxicillin or Metformin, this online shop got you covered.

The prices are unbeatable and the purchase process is swift and secure. The store has a well-set security protocol to ensure buyers’ confidential data is well protected and kept discrete to the core. Buyers are also assured of guaranteed shipping.

Finally, the store has been offering outstanding customer care service, money-back guarantee, and exceptional delivery services. The prices of most generic prescriptions are also pocket-friendly that leaves clients laughing from cheek to cheek. For instance, if you’re looking forward to purchasing an antibiotic to treat your bacterial infections, is the site to consider.

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