Church of Scientology International Recognized as Anti-Drug Leader to death without medicine

Church of Scientology International Recognized as Anti-Drug Leader to death without medicine
The Church of Scientology International received a certificate of recognition on November 21st from the California State embly commending its “leadership and dedication in drug prevention and education, including the production of 16 groundbreaking public service films that are raising awareness of drug abuse internationally.” The Church of Scientology has created a series of drug education films, brochures and flyers, which it provides to the Foundation for a Drug-Free World, a nonprofit organization that promotes and distributes these drug information materials internationally to government institutions, civic groups and schools.

The newest and perhaps most engaging element of this drug education campaign is a series of 16 anti-drug public service films. Each film, produced by the Church of Scientology, graphically illustrates the effects of commonly abused substances like alcohol and prescription drugs, or illegal drugs such as meth, heroin, cocaine, crack, marijuana and ecstasy. View one of the anti-drug ads on the YouTube Church of Scientology Channel.

Filmed in an edgy style that talks to young people, the public service films show the harsh reality of street drugs and drug abuse. The goal is to impact youth about teenage drug abuse and debunk common street drug hype such as “drugs will make you cool,” “you will not get hooked after the first hit,” and “drugs will help you party all night.”

Four of the 16 public service films have already won an Addy Award, which acknowledges exceptional advertisements, for excellence in creativity and execution. The drug education campaign ads have also won two Telly Awards, which honor outstanding television commercials and productions, in the Best Public Service Campaign category.

The efforts of California public officials to reduce drug abuse is often overshadowed by news of cross-border drug trafficking and the state’s dubious distinction of leading the nation in drug-related arrests. However, California is committed to tackling the drug problem. According to the State of California Health and Human Services Agency, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger channeled $3.7 million into drug prevention and related programs for the state last year.

Any group or individual wanting to do something effective about drug abuse is invited to order these films and other educational materials online. For more information, go to or contact the Community Drug Education Programs Coordinator for the Church of Scientology International, at 323-960-3500.

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