How can i find out about reputable canadian online pharmacy prescription lower cost drugs?

I have heard good things and bad things about buying prescription drugs from canada and other countries. How can I investigate who are the reputable online canadian and uk and others overseas. Is there a list of happy customers somewhere with testimonials that one can call or email, are there organizations that educate people the do’s and don’ts about online pharmacys in canadas. Bottom line what can I do to protect my health and others from these rip off online pharmacys and brokers.

here is an AARP article about it

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  1. I always buy from Mexico. The website is and I have never had any problem with them at all. You do not need a prescription to get items from them.
    Everything I have received from them has been sealed in a package with the brand name company and then sealed again in a blister pack – the only difference I have ever noticed is the language on the packages. If you are using a prescription this may not be the best place to go – as the only reason I buy from them is to save myself the trouble and cost of visiting a Dr.
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    I have used them at least 6 different times.

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