Is Adderall cheaper when purchasing through an online pharmacy?

I have a prescription for 30 mg Adderall and the cost is killing me these days. Is there a RELIABLE online pharmacy that is cheaper then my usual pharms. or or all online pharmacies a joke? How do I know I am getting true Adderall? Thanks!

generic drugs can be signficantly cheaper because they cost more to dispense than what the medicine is actually work. but generally brand name drugs like adderall arent much cheaper through the mail bc the manufacturer charges an arm and a leg for it. also, adderall is classified as a C2 which means it is highly controlled so im not sure what the implications are on getting that through the mail, if you go to a reputable online pharmacy anyway. the ones run by insurance companies like medco, wellmark, etc are legit. if you its more than $10-20 cheaper than what youre paying now the site is probably not legit because i know adderall is expensive, dont know the retail price off the top of my head but i think its like $100 a month. you need to be very cautious about what getting drugs from online pharmacies though, especially ones that dont require you to have a prescription from your own personal doctor (the ones that say stuff like “JUST FILL OUT OUR FORMS AND ONE OF OUR DOCTORS WILL EVALUATE YOU AND WRITE AN RX!”)

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