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Hello everyone my name is Chad, im here to do a review on 2 products that I ordered from The first product was Tamoxifen and the second one was HCG. I do take both of those, ive great results with them, it was so easy to place the order, so easy to pay, and the shipping was great, ive actually recieved the product about a week earlier than expected. When I needed help they were there to chat with me online since it was my very first order. I simply talked to someone, they walked me through it, I was ured then, through them that um.. everything was going to be a pretty easy process, which was all complicated to me at first but its so simple, they make it seem simple because it is simple and is actually easier than I expected it to be. I had no problems, all the products are great, I take em daily… and thats that! Hope you enjoy, bye.

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  1. One of the girls here on YouTube, said after ordering HCG from them, she got a coupon for $80 on her next order. Good deal.

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