Walk For Liberty Day 204 – Prescription Drugs Are Government Protectionism For Doctors

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*** Video notes

December 4th 2008, day 204 / Herkimer, NY / Zoning ordinances in 1788? / Hill panorama / Little Falls, NY / NY law forcing businesses not to refill out-of-state prescriptions after one time / Ridiculously blatant New York state protectionism toward doctors / All laws requiring prescriptions from doctors to use certain drugs are protectionism as well / Why are you forced to pay for another doctor’s visit to get a refill if you still have the same condition? / Why are you forced to go to a doctor for an initial prescription either? / You can hurt yourself in many other ways besides taking prescription drugs / Doctors aren’t infallible anyway / I might also decide to research my condition myself and decide what treatment is best / 18.55 miles for liberty / https://donate.walkforliberty.com / Mucky Run Rd / Big Willy’s / Salada rainbow hot air balloon water tower

*** About the Walk For Liberty

What are you willing to do for freedom?

Vote? Protest? Participate in a rally? Walk all the way across the country?

We are.

This summer, a group of activists will be walking across America to achieve more freedom and liberty.

Our pioneer forefathers trekked across the continent from the east to the west to find a better life for themselves. This time, we’re doing it in reverse.

I am walking coast-to-coast across the country, from Oregon to New Hampshire. I am joined by my immediate family as well. We’re on a quest to gain more freedom for ourselves and for our country by spreading the message of freedom and liberty along the way.

Why are we doing this?

We see the gradual chipping away at freedoms in America, and want to do our part to stop it. My wife and I are moving to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project. New Hampshire is already the freest state in the country, which is why we are moving there. But we also want to help bring more freedom to as many other people as possible.

Therefore we are walking across America to get to New Hampshire. We are walking all the way there to bring as much media attention and publicity as possible to two liberty-oriented causes: the Free State Project, which is working to make New Hampshire even more free, and Ron Paul’s message of freedom for everyone. To learn more about the Free State Project, visit https://FreeStateProject.org To learn more about Ron Paul, visit https://CampaignForLiberty.com

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*** Those in the media who should consider our story

John Stossel

John Stossel is a consumer reporter, investigative journalist, author, libertarian columnist, and co-anchor for the ABC News show 20/20.

Watch this video in which John Stossel interviews the then president of the Free State Project, Varrin Swearingen and the founder of the Free State Project, Jason Sorens:


Drew Carey

Drew Carey currently hosts a series of mini-documentaries called The Drew Carey Project on Reason.tv, a new online project of the Reason Foundation.

Ted Balaker

Ted Balaker is a producer for the Drew Carey Project at reason.tv, and a policy analyst at Reason Foundation. His reason.tv contributions have addressed topics such as drug and education policy, gambling, traffic congestion, and eminent domain.


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